In 2008, the founders of LISTA had one important goal in mind:  help transform Louisiana into the Digital Interactive Media capitol.  It was time that Louisiana stopped losing its highly educated technology workforce to other states that had “better” job opportunities. Louisiana had to show the rest of the country and the world that technology companies were welcomed in the state and encouraged to make Louisiana their home. LISTA’s founders knew that to achieve this goal a lot of good things would have to happen.  Louisiana would have to give technology companies a reason to consider the state.

The governing board of LISTA formulated a bold strategy to help Louisiana reach out to technology companies that wanted to maximize the returns on their investments when developing new technologies. This involved many months of planning, meetings, phone calls and e-mails to everyone that wanted to move Louisiana forward in the digital space and the software technology world.

In spring 2009, with the help of Louisiana Senator Ann Duplessis, members of the Louisiana Department of Economic Development, and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, LISTAs’ efforts launched the Digital Interactive Media Act of 2009.

The bill is a powerful economic development tool and has the potential to do for digital media what earlier legislation did for film: make Louisiana a national and international center of digital and creative media excellence. 

SB 277 extends and expands the Digital Interactive Media Tax Credit by permanently extending and increasing the credit by 5 percent creating a single rate of 25 percent of in-state expenditures plus an additional 10 percent for Louisiana resident payroll expenditures (35 percent total credit for resident payroll). The bill also expands the definition of digital media to include technology companies.

The incentives of SB 277 - some of the best in the United States - combined with natural advantages of a unique, creative culture and lower labor costs make Louisiana an efficient and attractive choice for starting and growing a digital media company. 

LISTA's mission is far from accomplished. In the years ahead, LISTA will work very hard to bring great companies and even greater technology development firms to the state of Louisiana. LISTA would love to have any technology company based in the state of Louisiana or thinking about moving to the state as a LISTA member.

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